För säker livsmedelshantering

With our webeducation you can study Basic Education

in Food Hygiene in your own pace.

The courses are for you who works in restaurants,

other dining, schools and production kitchens and

who wants to have basic knowledge in food hygiene. 

The education gives the student general knowledge

of the most common pathogenic microorganisms,

its properties and knowledge of how to prevent food

poisoning and also addresses the most common

serious dangers of microbiological, chemical,

physical and allergenic nature.


The cours have sub-parts with 5 videos and after every

part you do a partial test. When all the parts have

been completed, you make a final test and if you have
passed the test in the course you receive a diploma.

You can pause, rewind or play forward or start over
the beginning of the film and retake the test until approved.

    The Basic Education has the following content:

                • Food poisoning is a big problem

                • The most common factors for food poisoning

                • Bacteria, fungi and viruses

                • How do microorganisms spread?

                • How to prevent food poisoning

                • Premises, equipment and staff

                • Self-control

                • HACCP

                • Food legislation etc.

      Basic Education: 950 kr excl. vat


        5% discount with 5 to 9 participants.

     10% discount with 10 to 15 participants.

     With more than 15 participants, request a quote.

You register to the course by filling out the


After this you will receive a confirmation and

a link to the course. You have access to the

course for 30 days. The access can be

extended at a cost of SEK 50 per month.


If you are a private individual who wants to

attend the course, please contact MiljöCheck.

Registration for Basic Education in Food Hygiene



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